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This is my fave part of this episode!! Jae Ha tried to stop Hang Ah from going away. Hang Ah tried to keep driving her car, but she finally stopped right in front of Jae Ha. And Jae Ha did the most romantic thing for her!! A proposal!! He said "I will kiss you every morning. I will follow you everywhere like a stalker, and buy everything you want. I won't look at other girls, and will only look at you. I won't let you shed even one drop of tear. I will make you as the happiest Queen in the world. I will only love you until I die. Do you think you can bear it? I am now proposing you~!", kneel down, proposed, and hug!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ If you like, share this card! ------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 5: Part 6: Ep 13 Preview:
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Thanks soooo much! The sweetest proposal ever!
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this is so beautiful! :">
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That proposal was so romantic I could Scream right now, who in there right mind will say no to that! With these word he say I promise I will make you breakfast every morning. I promise I will follow you and like you like a stalker. I promise that I wont let even one drop of tear flow from your eyes!" He kneel down, proposed, and hug!!!! Come on Yes to all of that I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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so beauiful, thanks for the recap
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yesss this part is just sooo beautiful..with beautiful night view in spring too!
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