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So apparently this is the demo for EXO's comeback song "Call me Daddy". As much as I love it, I don't think it'll last. I mean most demos get drastically changed throughout the process. One comment on this video made by Youtube user "Squishy Yeol" said: "Okay, this is probably going to disappoint a lot of people but here it goes. If you look at the previous songs made for SM groups e.g. f(x)'s Red Light demo they had a lot of explicit content in them too. Some of the songs this particular agency made had their titles changed, along with the lyrics of course (TVXQ's Suri Suri got its name change to Spellbound, SNSD's Shiner on U got changed to I Got a Boy). Even though most of the community is pumped when hearing about the title there's a very high possibility that it's going to change completely. They might keep just a few phrases from the original (which indeed happens often). Therefore, this "dirty" concept everyone thinks of is definitely never going to see the light at the end of its tunnel and the song will get turned into something like Overdose or any other song by them." As disappointed as I or anyone else is to hear this (and I'm sorry to crash anyone's party..) I guess we can enjoy this demo and eagerly wait what's going to come out of it. Also, I wanna know what's up with the line "baby boy, now the roles are reversed, I'll be the man, you can be the girl" .... \_(ツ)_/ Side note, does anyone know who sings this demo? I'm bad at voices, but I don't think this is EXO?? The English seems a bit too good, but maybe that's just my impression.
I don't know how I feel about this... sweet beat tho.
@kpopandkimchi yup! I'm pretty sure it's March 7 :) so 4 days!!!!
I seriously can't wait for this...its coming out March 7 right?
Oh NOOOOOOO okay so the beat is killer and this is going to be an awesome song but OH MY GOD the english lyrics hahahahahha I really hope they change them so that I don't die hearing kyungsoo say "I want you kinda tipsy before I take you home"
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