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One question I always get from co-workers in cubicles next to me is, what channels do I watch the games on?
A good question indeed. So if you were ever wondering where to watch the football, here's a breakdown of who is broadcasting what.
Live Games
Premier League - NBC & NBCSN
NBCSN will host the 07:45 & 10:00 Saturday games and usually their coverage starts at 07:00 in the morning. NBC will usually show the 12:30 game and the post-game coverage which usually runs until about 15:00. NBCSN will also show the Sunday games which usually start at 08:30 and any midweek Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday games with coverage starting at 14:00 and the games at 14:45.
The FA Cup - Fox Sports 1 & 2
Football's oldest trophy is usually broadcast on Fox Sports 1 & 2 as Fox owns the rights. The times vary greatly from kickoffs at 11:00 or 14:45 or 12:30. It's really scheduled whenever but the main thing to know is that Fox Sports owns the rights.
Bundesliga - GolTV
GolTV, a station I rarely hear of or can purchase, owns the rights to the Bundesliga but this will change next season as Fox Sports is picking up the coverage.
La Liga - beIN Sports
beIN owns the rights to La Liga, but most standard packages in the US do not include the station. It's usually found on sports or international packages that are additional costs.
MLS - Fox Sports & ESPN
The MLS has split broadcasting rights. Fox Sports 1 & 2, mostly 2, will show a majority of the MLS games on offer while ESPN usually will show 1-2 games a week. ESPN also owns the rights to broadcast the MLS Cup Playoffs.
Champions League & Europa League - Fox Sports 1 & 2
Fox Sports also owns the Champions League and Europa League coverage. Games are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 14:45. The company's main channel, Fox will host the Champions League Final the 1st Sunday in June.
Euro Qualifiers - Fox Sports 1 & 2
Fox's coverage is pretty diverse as they also own the rights to broadcast the Euro 2016 Qualifiers, which have another 2 week stint coming up this month.
US World Cup Qualifiers - ESPN & Fox Sports 1 & 2
ESPN owns the rights to the World Cup qualifiers for the USMNT. The USWNT is on Fox Sports 1 & 2.
The World Cup - Fox Sports 1 & 2
Fox Sports 1 & 2 also own the rights to both the women's and men's FIFA World Cups.
The CONCACAF Gold Cup - Fox Sports 1 & 2
This summer marks the North American championships or Gold Cup. They will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 & 2 as well.
Full Match Replays
Google: Football Orgin
Football Orgin usually puts full match replays of Euro qualifiers, World Cup matches, La Liga games involving the big three (Barca, Real & Atletico Madrid), Bundesliga games involving Bayern and Dortmund, some Serie A (mostly Juve, Roma, Inter, or Milan), some Ligue 1 (mostly PSG), Europa League, Champions League, almost every Premier League game, and some international friendlies (usually involving England or the top 5 ranked). I put google on here since the sight tends to discourage direct linking.
Google: Gettyfooty
A direct backup to Football Orgin.
MLS Live
If you have a subscription or pay for one, MLS Live will let you watch the games on replay in their fullest.
If you're only a few hours late, some users will post full patch replays on YouTube but I don't recommend this. The screen has to be distorted by either shrinking it or blowing it up to avoid the auto-catch filters and usually videos of any kind, including match highlights are taken down by FIFA or UEFA. If it's only a few hours since it's been posted however, you may get lucky.
@GermanBumbleBee It's very nice.
For real I'm so jealous @CitySarajevo. I watch most games online too like you said @GermanBumbleBee. Usually on replay (I'm watching Southampton-Crystal Palace right now actually).
@CitySarajevo Must be really nice. I watch the Bundesliga on my computer usually, Premier League on the tele since it comes with the basic package.
I have the sports packages. I watch all the games. When I'm home there's always a game or replay on.