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It was announced last week that the MLS has struck a brand new television broadcasting deal with UK sports broadcaster Sky Sports. The deal is set to broadcast 2 MLS games a week, as well as the entirety of the MLS Cup Playoffs and the All-Star Game for four seasons beginning in a week’s time with the MLS’s 20th season. The terms of the deal have been left undisclosed.

This is HUGE for the MLS as they look to expand into a top league with global talent. This marks the first time the MLS will be broadcast in the UK, and certainly their exposure to the UK market on the established Premier League broadcasters will only bring in more viewership and in years to come more sponsorship.
This might just be the beginning of an MLS explosion that can allow the league to compete on global scale. The broadcast listings for the first two weekends of the season have been listed below.

@CitySarajevo Maybe. It's on at a decent time for them usually so I couldn't see why they wouldn't.
@Spudsy2061 But will the UK like watching it?
@CitySarajevo Obviously the revenue helps but to break into arguably the biggest market for the sport? Could be huge.
How much will it help the MLS?