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News broke on Monday that Sunderland winger Adam Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of having had sex with a 15 year old girl. Sunderland AFC have suspended the winger indefinitely until the conclusion of the police investigation.

Adam Johnson was due to travel with the team today ahead of their fixture yesterday at Hull City. Durham Police questioned the winger at a station close to his house in Durham and he later made bail. Sunderland have declined to make any further comments on the situation.
There are no further details at this time but certainly there’s much more of this story to come and Sunderland have made the right move in suspending Johnson here while the investigation is ongoing. The allegations are certainly serious ones and would be sickening if proven true. The news just keeps getting worse and worse these days.

@CitySarajevo Not heard anything at the moment. Will have to wait and see.
@CitySarajevo Is there a lot of evidence?
@CitySarajevo Depends on the evidence. There's been no mention of the evidence but if the prosecution builds a good case he'll be well gone.
I don't think we'll see him in the Premier League.