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Feel free to spread the words if you like this card :) ------------------------------------------------------------ Jae Ha told Hang Ah that it is true that Club M is behind everything. But they are in the weak position now, and Club M is too strong. I think Jae Ha will plan some kind of strategy because he met with a western girl that seem to be an important person. After that, Jae Ha sent John Mayer a gift, with a letter. He gave a riddle to John Mayer. "There is one thing which I have, and you don't have it." In order to open the gift, John Mayer has to figure out the answer of that riddle. I am pretty sure that Jae Ha came with some super smart strategy this time!! He really pissed evil magician off, because he got really annoyed with the gift box that he couldn't open! LOL! But finally he was able to open it (but they haven't shown what is inside). Meanwhile, Jae Ha and Hang Ah are on their way to go to the former King's tribute concert...and it stopped here!! Can't wait for next week episode!! Thank you everyone for enjoying my cards!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Ep 13 Preview:
ep 13 preview is here everyone!!
thank you!!!
Thank you so much!! You're the best!
no preview?
gomawo... thank u so much for the super fast updates.. no words can express my gratitude to u sapphire148
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