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There is a Totoro bed! Somebody has made a My Neighbor Totoro bed, and for once the adorable cartoon coziness is not just for children. The cuddly, fuzzy, full-sized Totoro cushion bed is actually sized to accommodate two adults. Sure, many grown-ups would think twice about adopting this particular new friend, but it certainly has a leg up on most futons. At $280, including international shipping from China Doll's House on eBay, I'm pretty sure it's less expensive than the last futon I had, and it generates more warm and fuzzy feelings. How often do you want to hug a bed? According to the seller, the Totoro comes in either Single or Double sizes, and the mattress inside is 8-10 inches thick. Totoro's tail even comes off and can be used as a pillow. As niche as a giant Totoro bed might seem, they've already sold 38. What do you think — would you sleep in the warm, safe hug of a giant Totoro?
@DORFA0000 i know right!!! it looks so awesome and comfy too!!!
I wish I could have that kind of bed
I wish I have this totoro....
i always wanted one of theseee!!!
Ooh I love this bed..!!
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