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I wish brides were half as diligent about sending out thank you cards as they are about their wedding invitations. It'd make things so much more pleasant in social settings. Think about it, how hard can it be to simply write a note of gratitude? And why does it take some brides to send them out after their first wedding anniversary?
According to Emily Post all thank you notes should be received within three months of receiving the wedding gift. But you can do better. Here's how to do it in less that three weeks!
1. Have a plan in place, which means taking time to open and record gifts and send notes.
2. Using your guest list, record each gift that was received and by whom.
3. Deposit monies as soon as possible as checks will need to clear.
4. Send personalized hand-written notes to those who gave.
5. Mail notes immediately.
So, while you may be on a two-week honeymoon, you can still get these out by the end of the third week. It's all in the prep and planning.
* Order thank you notes/stationery well before the wedding.
* Get the postage early before the wedding.
* Avoid anything that screams chain letter or template. These have to read as genuine.
* Never exaggerate about a gift or make reference to wrong size, color, shape, etc.
* Do not make general statements--be specific.
If you find yourself unable to get focused and take on the social protocol of writing and sending notes of gratitude, then you must get a friend or family member to do it for you. Don't neglect this part of your wedding.
If you had to give one piece of advice about thank you cards, what would you like to mention?
My mom does not mess around. There is no way i'd forget about sending thanks. And I wouldn't be late either.
I thought you had a year to send out thank yous. Times have changed.
How embarrassing! Who forgets to say thank you after a wedding?!
From an event producer's point of view, we always send a thank you to the client. it's never inappropriate to say thank you.