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I had the sh*ttiest day today, guys. I hope you all had a better day than me, honest. Here are some songs for you <3 1. Tablo ft Bumkey-Try Damn, this song is good. Bumkey's voice is like velvet. If you don't like this song, you're crazy. XD Just kidding...maybe. 2. Girls Day-Twinkle Twinkle I have not seen this video before. I love their outfits. I apologize if this song gets stuck in your head (: 3. BIGBANG- Always I love this video of them being silly. I lol'ed at the zoom in on the abs XD 4. CNBLUE-love I'm not the biggest fan of them. I find their music annoying sometimes LOL what a terrible thing to say I know XD I'm sorry. Don't bash me. I like this song though. 5. Winner- Confession I like the whole album so it's really hard to pick a song from it. So conflicting. What's your favorite song on the album? 6. Ailee- Heaven Aileeeeee! Why are are you so talented?! DX She reminds me of my best friend. She's so silly on shows. 7. 2NE1- Go Away I know. I know. We all love this song (:< Isn't he the corny guy from 'We Got Married' Lmao 8. Henry-Trap Henry fans? I love the beginning of the video ♡ 9. Akmu-Don't Hate Me Lately, all I have been listening to is Akmu. I can't get enough. & then I started watching videos of them. They are so cute and funny. 10. Epik High-Kill This Love I feel like this list needs more Tablo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) If the videos don't play...I feel bad for ya' son...I got 99 problems but... just youtube them (;
<3 <3 <3 All of these are perfect. <3 <3 <3
I'm sorry you didn't have a good day!!!! D: Ahh the feels!!!! I needed this list! Thanks Angie! Xo
It was super awesome actually @honeysoo maybe it was all the love from you guys (๑˃ ॢ‧̫˂ॢ๑ )
I hope your day today is super awesome!!
@jiggzy19 @danidee @Ambie @MattK95 Thanks guys! <3 Glad you guys liked the list (; @PassTheSuga Peanut butter and jealous? Lol Never heard that before. I didn't even know he was going to be on it D: Totally need to see it.
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