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With over 26,000,000 views on YouTube, this surprise wedding proposal is the most-watched marriage proposal ever and keeps getting more and more viewers. The girl's face and reaction is so me! I can't believe the level of detail that went into making this mini-film.
How would you react if you were proposed to in such a public way, in front of all those people?! I think I would freak out. OMG! <3
This is so romantic and clever!!! I love this it's so beautiful.
I would be SO embarrassed! I don't handle public displays like this very well. Of course I'd be happy but soooOOOoooOo embarrassed, too!
That girl was so freaking out in the end. haha Good for her she's got an adoring man like that!
This is so cute!!!!! Anyone thtat goes through that much work just to get you to say yes is definitely a keeper in my books
Im really surprised how in depth this was. They must be filmmakers too.