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Writing Prompt: Reversing Celebrity Effects
Writing Prompt: Your job is to make celebrities lose their fame. Write about it! Imagine the possibilities! Who were your latest clients? Who surprised you by showing up in the door? Who was the person you couldn't ruin?
Leave your response in the comments, or, link the card where you post yours!
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@timeturnerjones @hikaymm I'm challenging you both!
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"Have you ever heard of Diane McFoy? Of course not. I made sure that would be ridiculous. Sometimes, though, it's not that easy. You name is really big, you know." I spoke into the phone quickly, hoping my confidence would over come my hesitation. How could I possibly reverse his fame? "Yes, yes of course. That is the basic rate, mind you. From there, it might take much more to get rid of all the additional paparazzi and more that will want to watch your downfall." I muttered okays into the phone as I agreed to the rest of the terms, knowing that there was no one else for him to turn to but me at this point. How I was going to erase Johnny Depp's legacy, though, was completely beyond me. It was time to call in some help.
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@greggr This was too hard!!!
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