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I got my new board earlier today! arbiter 36 dk by original! I am loving this thing! I've had it for less that 1 day and i already got a new slide. Got it with indy 169's, rayne stoopid fast bearings, and muir skate offset freeride wheels. I ordered it sunday night and it arrived at my house at 1:45 pm today and i ony paid for ground shipping!
Nice DK man. I've hear it's a bit heavy but it looks like a fun board. Btw, @benkaplan I think we should start requiring knives in all box openings
Yeah it is a bit heavy it could also loose an inch in width@mikerosa92
I've been thinking about taking powerballs off my hi5ber and putting them on my arbiter seems like a fun freeride/ tech slide combo
preferably an action shot of them stabbing the box open :D @mikerosa92
I was looking at that but I think I'm getting the baffle instead
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