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Lace is something that I will never get tired of. I've always been in love with the delicateness and details of lace too. There's a fragile innocence and femininity to it that is altogether elegant and precious without being old.
I love the mix of colors. The gold chairs mesh well with the creamy flowers, the crepe table cloth in a champagne hue and then draped with a lace overlay. This just screams romantic wedding to me. I would love to know what those candle holders are too that are on the table.
My mom things that if the gown is lace, then lace shouldn't be used elsewhere. But I am not so sure about that. How do you feel about incorporating lace into your wedding reception along with your wedding gown?
Sounds so pretty @marshalledgar
Gold, khaki and lace are a great color combination
It's beautiful and notice the tables in the background aren't overloaded with centerpieces, yet still beautiful.