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Nico Nico Niiii! (at Katsucon!)

Nico Nico Niiiii!

Wearing Super Idol Nico was the highlight of my Katsucon! Seeing all of my hard work pay off and getting to be a character I absolutely adore was amazing! I'm going to make a few modifications on the skirt before I wear her again, but I'm super happy with how she turned out!
Thank you to GCF Photography for the photo! You can see more of his work at http://gcf-photography.smugmug.com!
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Are those little balloons on your skirt? If so, how in the world did you move?
2 years ago·Reply
@amog32 And if they are balloons, how did she overcome the static?!
2 years ago·Reply
The waves on your wig worked out really well!!
2 years ago·Reply
How did you find the right stockings for her?
2 years ago·Reply