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April 5th, 2015 is Easter Sunday. That gives you now till then--about 4 weeks--to gather a couple items to make incredible Easter eggs that will be better than anyone else's in your circle of friends. In fact, they're going to look so amazing that you won't even need a filter to take the pictures!
LittleInspiration.com has all the details as that is precisely where I learned how to do this.
Glass of water
Nail polish (variety of colors and finishes)
Nail polish remover
Eggs (real or plastic)
Plastic plate
1. Fill a glass with enough water to cover an egg.

2. Add a few drops of your favorite nail polish color.
3. Dip the egg just enough to cover the egg.
4. Let the eggs dry on a plastic plate.

* To get variety, simply set up more than one glass to prevent the water from getting muddy.
* Speed up the drying process by placing the colored eggs into the freezer temporarily or until it sets.
* Watch out for fumes. Paint eggs in a well-ventilated area.
* Always provide a safe working environment and monitor children.
Visiting LittleInspiration.com will get you the full tutorial with even more pictures from Angie, whose website is about crafting, motherhood, and living life in Southern California. Highly recommended as she has even more ideas.
This year I want to surprise my mom with a heart necklace. What is something special that you'd like to share with someone this Easter? <3
So Cute! What can't you do with nail polish?
I wonder if the polish chemicals would penetrate the egg shell. I assume not, but I still wonder.
@beywatch probably not unless acrylic paint was added. not sure
I wonder if you could combine regular dye and nail polish to create a new effect.
Better than egg dying imo.