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Sanitary is a necessity to keep your skin healthy! Don't overlook on cleaning your makeup sponges. Even if you don't use it often regularly cleaning after each use is absolutely essential. Proper cleaning not only helps prevents breakouts and the spreading of germs, but also ensures that your sponge will work flawlessly every time.

Solid Soap

Dip sponge in water and then rub into the soap. Get a good lather and be sure to work the product out of the sponge. When finished, rinse the sponge thoroughly with water and allow it to air dry. Remember to drain excess water out of the soap dish before resealing.

Liquid Soap

Wet the sponge and then press down on the pump at the top of the bottle鈥攖his releases cleanser into the sponge. Use your fingers to lather up and get all the product out, then rinse and allow to air dry.
How often do you clean your makeup sponges? If you have another way to clean makeup sponges be sure to share with us!
It's true what they say about the application being much more even. My foundation was always really thick on my skin, whereas now it's distributed with much more balance and looks a lot more natural.
Thanks a million just bought mine but took 3 days to get it soaked of makeup lol
That's cool of you to do that, mikayla! I'll be really interested to see what you think of them! Thanks!!
@KaeLinComer I just looked up real technique beauty sponges and you're right. It's definitely cheaper. I'll stop by Ulta to pick one up and test it out. Thanks for sharing.
I have heard from a lot of friends that Real Techniques beauty sponges work even better that the real Beauty Blender. I went on Amazon just today and ordered a 4 pack of them, and they are MUCH cheaper than B.B.s!! Plus they have a flat surface that goes to a point that is supposed to apply your makeup much easier to the larger surfaces of your face than all the rounded surfaces on B.B.s. I'm gonna try them...it can't hurt, didn't cost that much, and who knows? We'll see... 馃榾
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