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I decided to go with a braided style for prom but now I need a makeup to go with the look. I was looking for Elsa-inspired makeup and found this eye makeup tutorial from Thai blogger Minipandaz. It features a light gradient smokey eye using purple, light blue and pink eye shimmer.
The step-by-step diagram below is pretty much self-explanatory. You can pretty much use the same technique with similar eye shadow colors. Also if you have any other Elsa or Frozen-inspired makeup please share it or send them my way!
Thank you!
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OH. She used individual lashes. I see it now!
3 years ago·Reply
She's skilled it would take me forever to put single lashes on.
3 years ago·Reply
You know what? I want to see her cosplay Elsa!
3 years ago·Reply
She nailed the makeup!
3 years ago·Reply
Wow! I definitely want to try those colors
3 years ago·Reply