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I have always hated paper resumes. I sucked at them when I was applying for jobs, and I suck at reading them now that I get them. It is impossible to see if a person will be someone who is worth your time or not. Likewise, it is impossible to convince someone that you are worth their time, especially when you are first starting out! So what this guy did was brilliant!
I actually was thinking last night that if I ever needed to send in another resume, I wanted to do a video resume. Yea, it is probably hard to believe I actually had that in mind, but... I actually was thinking about it because I watched the "How I Met Your Mother" episode where Barney makes a video resume for Robin. If you don't remember, here is a small clip below:
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I can't tell if he's kidding or not when he said he got into MENSA.
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Class! Very very funny! Deserves to get the job for his personality alone if you ask me.
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