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Autograph : Agnès Souret (1902-1928, France)

Although almost completely forgotten today, Agnès Souret (1902-1928) made history at one point when she was selected as the first Miss France in 1920. Countless media outlets celebrated her beauty and made her a kind of icon over the years.
And yet beauty was not enough. Several failed movies from 1920 to 1921, and nothing else lined up. Around 1927 she began her career with the Empire Theater in Paris and there, she worked with Jacqueline Delubac as a colleague. Several years later, it was Jacquline’s turn to be on screen, directed by her future husband, Sacha Guitry.
A rising star and a fading one in show business. Sometimes fate plays a cruel trick on us. This dedicated photo is a rare (possibly the only surviving) document showing their coexistence and mutual respect.
« A Jaqueline De Lubac [sic] Au souvenir de nos débuts! Avec toute mon amitié Agnès Souret (Empire-Palace, 1927) »