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I hate pro wrestling. There is nothing entertaining about it for me. Enter Jon Stewart. He is pure comedy gold. As you all know, Stewart is leaving soon (:( (I don't do sad faces but this is that big a moment for me)), but he recently also appeared in WWE and made it awesome!
Jon Stewart did a horrible job acting. There is no doubt about it, but the idea of a 5 foot 7 inch (self described) jewish nerd kicking a huge testosterone infused brawler in the crotch was pretty funny lol. How could you not love that??!
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I hope he's only leaving the Daily Show to dedicate the rest of his life to professional wrestling.
@Goyo He just comes off a little pompus sometimes. Guess that's part of what helps sell his image too. I won't take the man's intelligence away, he's a bright man. Really built his show and Comedy Central up from almost nothing.
@spudsy2061 yea he does come off as pompous, but he doesn't take himself seriously... To me, this basically means that he is just putting on an act, but Ive never met him so what do I know lol
@danidee I hope he does do something else, even if it is wrestling. @Spudsy2061 really? What about him do you dislike? He can be a bit too sarcastic sometimes...
I like wrestling but I'm not really a fan of John Stewart. This however was hilarious!