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Guys, are you ready for the much awaited Finale of NG? well me, of course yes.. that is why i am always checking Koalas Playground update regularly.. And here are some of the recaps she provided. Hope you enjoy it.. (2nd Picture): Joon Ha meets with lawyer Ahn and admits that he was lying when he said that he didn’t care if Eun Gi chose Maru. He claimed that if he loved someone he just wants her to be happy, he wouldn’t want to possess her. That was him lying, he loves Eun Gi and does want her. He doesn’t want Maru to have her. His plan all along was about Eun Gi regaining her memories, because he believed that if she did she would know how much Joon Ha loved her and would pick him. That is why he chose to keep the recording (of Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn at the scene of the Chairman’s death) a secret. He intended to never reveal that. But now he sees it different. Love can be about letting go. That kind of love is stronger than wanting to be by her side. Letting her go is the strongest kind of love, and that is the only way Joon Ha can find happiness as well. He learned that from Kang Maru. (3rd Picture) Jae Shik stands in the bathroom as Maru shaves. Jae Shik tells Maru that he has a knife in his pocket right now and if he were to stab Maru and kill him, he was promised an house. Maru is completely not shocked or worried and continues shaving. Jae Shik starts to shaken. Maru calls him hyung and tells Jae Shik that if he wants to kill Maru then to do it right now. (4th and 5th Picture) Maru arrives in the hospital room to see Eun Gi by Joon Ha’s bedside.
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