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HOLY CRAP YES. So, everyone remember the mysterious rattle coming from my trucks? You guys all thought i was insane, that it was just my hardware or some loose crap, but it wasnt... It was my stupid pivot cup! I thought my hanger wasnt in my pivot cup snug, but really, my pivot cup wasnt stable in the baseplate! I took it out, put one round of electrical tape on it, then boom, snug as a glove. No more rattle, no cost fix. And pretty dang stable if you ask me! Until i get new cups, this works amazingly well.
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Haha I had the same problem with my Paris trucks. I got new pivot cups for them. and they feel a lot more stable.
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someone said pivot cup
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I think I said pivot cup, someone check
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Lol so it was your pivot cup being worn out
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Oooh. I've got the same mystery rattle on some bears on one of my landyachtz. It's been driving me insane. Makes sense tho, I bought it used. Taking it apart next- fixing grip tape on sector 9 now. Thanks!
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