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3 Hairstyles for Any Workout

High Buns

This hairstyles works wonder for high-impact workouts (running, kickboxing..etc) or simple exercise. For workouts like yoga, Pilates or even basic crunches, you spend a lot of time on your back with your head flat on the ground. This hairstyle keeps your hair secured tightly atop your head so it doesn’t create an uneven surface for your head and neck.


From long to short hair this is the perfect maintenance gym hairstyle. All you need is a cute, soft headband and you’re good to go! Tip: use a few sticky bobby pins to keep your headband in place during high-intensity workout or find a stretchy headband made with elastic that won’t slip or slide.

Braided Tails

Low braided tails are great for workouts that require you to lay your head flat on the ground. Plus, it's incredibly easy to create. You can also try many variations like pigtail or fishtail braids.
How do you style your hair for gym?
im envious of anyone who can keep their headband in place!
3 years ago·Reply
When it comes to workout headbands are the best. They keep sweat and hair off your face.
3 years ago·Reply
It seems like braids might work the best, especially if your hair isn't super layered.
3 years ago·Reply
@AliciaR You can always use bobby pins!
3 years ago·Reply
That braided high bun is too cute for words! My only problem with any gym hairstyle is finding one that is comfy when I put my head down on the ground for pilates or yoga!
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