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I recently saw the new music video by VIXX called 'Love Equation' It made me smile. HongBin was so cute (I dont think I need to mention that lol). The icecream scene was my favorite. Even though I loved it I felt like the mv was kinda similar to B1A4 and their usual cutesy vids. So, what did you guys think of Love Equation?
You know, now that you mention it, it really did have B1A4 vibes!
@danidee that was the only drawback. ViXX is know for their out of the ordinary concepts so after Error, Love Equation was kinda unexpected
YES totally B1A4 vibes! It really surprised me when I first saw the MV! But I thought it was super adorable and I thought that the song was more like G.R.8.U. :)
Now that you mention it I totally feel the b1a4 vibes! Like Beautiful Target style :)