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Abstract Worlds Made in Photographs

Instar by Meghann Riepenhoff

Meghann Riepenhoff is a incredibly talented photographer who is doing some amazing things in the field of photography. While her work mostly focuses on the unique process she uses, the execution results in the creation of abstract worlds. The images almost reflect an electrified heaven or deep space locations.
Here is what Meghann says about her work Instar:
"As imaging technology continues to evolve, we are regularly provided with visual references to what was previously unknown and unseen. Most emblematic of imaging the great mystery in which we exist are pictures of cosmic events, planets, and the massive darkness that surrounds us. In the series Instar*, I transform the utterly mundane detritus in order to recreate and recall telescopic views, and in doing so consider the relationship between the insignificant and the immense."
"All images are chromogenic photograms, compositions made by placing objects onto light-sensitive paper in a darkroom, exposing the paper to light, and processing it in traditional photographic chemistry. The nature of the process requires me to compose the image in total darkness, and, therefore results in unique pieces."
"The series title Instar is derived from the following Rebecca Solnit quote. Instar is a biological term used to describe the successive stages between molting in an insect. 'The strange resonant word instarโ€ฆimplies something both celestial and ingrown, something heavenly and disastrous, and perhaps change is commonly like that, a buried star, oscillating between near and far'."
@dillonk Ah, I see! Very, very cool, though. I'd love to get to try something like that!
@onesmile It is a great way to understand how photographs are developed and I think everyone should experiment with it, especially if they are taking a course in photography. I believe she used different types of chemical additives to alter the shots in such a way, not objects like most people use. That is why they look so fluid
@AnthonyB Beautiful things can be done with photograms!
I actually got to play around with this type of photograph while in high school! Admittedly mine was much more "15 year old girl" than "artistic," but it's cool to see what the process can accomplish. I want what objects she used to make the image.
It's really hard for me to believe that these are photographs! Wow!
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