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The Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, announced something very interesting. It is the world's first 4K Android TV console, named the Tegra X1-powered Nvidia Shield. In NVIDIA's Shield, it pushes 4K content from a tiny device and, according to the CEO, makes it 35 times more powerful than the Apple TV.
It is a thin rectangle and Nvidia is proud that it looks nice "sitting flat or standing on its edge." Also proud that it can run Crysis (so long as there isn't too much going on on screen). It is "twice as powerful" as an Xbox 360.
It will be $200 with a controller included when it launches in May. There are also subscription options for streaming games (like PlayStation Now) using Nvidia's GRID+ system at 1080p and 60 FPS at the recommended 50mpbs internet speed. You can stream Batman: Arkham Knight using the service at launch. Like Steam Link ($50), you can also use the Shield to stream directly from your (Nvidia-powered) desktop.
@orenshani7 Well I'm not sure what device you are talking about that has the intel-atom. This device is specifically made to be a console that will have a library of video games and movies that people can buy or rent. The thought is that you would use this to play on your TV, if you wanted to play video games on your intel-atom device then that is fine, assuming it has the same specs. The good thing about this, in my opinion, is that it gives consumers more options for home tv consoles. It's definitely not a bad thing, just an option!
It looks very impressive, but the question is, does it worth 200$ when you can get an intel-atom based device ( running Windows or Linux ) for half the price.