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Are you at work? Are you sitting at a desk? Are you just sitting in general?


Now get up.

Walking around the office will get your blood pumping, your head cleared, and your metabolism back in action.
Reminding yourself to get up once an hour to walk around the office (go get coffee! take the long way to the bathroom! go talk to your coworker instead of emailing them!)
I challenge you to get up at least 5 times a day to stretch, take a walk, etc! Now GO!
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Are we supposed to dress in dinosaur costumes too or is that optional?
3 years ago·Reply
I make it a point to refill my tea once an hour. It gets me drinking more and getting a little exercise.
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I really should have done this. I'm almost done with my work day, but I've been soooooo sluggish.
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