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What better way to welcome the warm Spring days than with a bright color wardrobe that goes along with it! Let's start with a yellow skirt! If you're wondering how to wear this burst of sun check out the 3 outfits I put together with one skirt.

Hello Miss Sunshine

Oopsy Daisy

Products: Top, skirt, shoes, perfume

If You're Happy

Products: Top, skirt, shoes, sunglasses
@maymay75 @alise @beywatch @CynthiaGarcia93 @YoanaFarfan Which outfit is your personality?
necklace in first picture is killer awesome
@marshalledgar I agree! It's bold and beautiful!
These are so cute. Especially the last one. And check out that Daisy, my favorite perfume in the world!
I'd probably go with the first one. I love highly geometric black and white prints and statement jewelry. :)