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The U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, was attacked in Seoul on Thursday morning (local time).
And man, does it look gruesome. While it's not a life-threatening injury, it's still a scary one. I don't know the full details of why it happened yet, but it seems that a man armed with a small razor blade attacked Lippert during a speech in Seoul. The assailant proclaimed "No to War Training" before pushing Lippert on a table and attacking.
There has already been a suspect detained. This man, last name Kim, has shown in the past that he is against war training when he threw stones at the Japanese Ambassador to South Korea during another time of war training drills. He was jailed for two years over that incident.
The attack seems to be a reaction to the joint US-South Korea war training that began earlier this week, but it's still chilling to hear that the ambassador was attacked in such a brutal way. Even if the assailant was against war, is the right way to end war's violence more violence?
violence doesn't end violence.
Glad he was not more seriously injured. I think just the incident, apart from the physicality of it, would traumatize me for a while
@danidee You're cracking me up. He is quite a guy though; glad to see the injuries were basically superficial. @lottiemoon It is really scary--the images make it all the more shocking, I think.
In other news, Mark tweeted that he was okay within hours of being hospitalized. Mr? Ambassador? That's Mr. Am-badass-ador to you.
We were talking about this in one of my classes yesterday. It was funny because, I think in America, we sort of gloss over foreign news because it's so away from our local reality, so when my teacher was reading off the current events and it got to "The US Ambassador to South Korea was attacked..", I was the only one to be like "WAIT WHAT? NO GO BACK TO THAT ONE. SERIOUSLY?"
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