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While, in most cases, we go into the wild with the intentions of cooking using our own gear or bushcrafting gear, sometimes you're stranded without any gear, and you still need to cook something to survive.

What to cook the food in:

- Do not wash or clean the roots until ready to prepare for eating.
- You cannot use poisonous plant leaves for cooking wraps and obviously, you cannot eat them.
- Wrapping foods in burdock leaves or cattail fronds also helps contain the heat and will tenderize the fish or game you are cooking.

- The leaves can be eaten along with the game or fish.
- Cattail fronds can be also used for wraps and the roots and lower stems near the water make excellent eating

How to cook the food: Use a fire pit!

A fire pit is the most field expedite way to cook because the fire is enclosed and the heat is concentrated upward.
Here's what to do:
(1) dig a small depression in the ground using your hands or sticks
(2) lay flat rocks in the hole and build your fire on top
(3) let the fire burn down to coals and then scrap away the coals and lay your food that has been wrapped in leaves on top of the hot rocks
(4) layer grasses on top of the wrapped food and allow the heat to create steam from the grasses and leaves
(5) you can essentially poach your food!
@yakwithalan Maryland something or other....I'll have to research it a bit to find out.
I never thought of this style of cooking, only of like setting up something to hold the food over the flame. Cool method.
What are those other open pits called, the ones where you kind of tunnel under and then have a hole up top?