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Goodbye for now....

As you all know, I am joining the Marine Corps. Well, as it turns out, both me and my brother will be going to bootcamp this monday, and won't be back until sometime in June. I expect to come back to an even better community when I return, so stay steezy
My older brother's friend that's 26 was telling me he was stationed in Japan, idk what branch he was in, and a bunch of guys from the base would go longboarding together in the mountains and they all bought boards while they were over there
stay steezy
Thanks so much for your service!
Stay safe out there man! A word of advice: study and be book smarter than your surrounding mates. My friend failed some officer training prelim test cuz he's an idiot and he hated the rest of his career in the corps. I'll bust a kickflip in your honor bro!
Good luck man! I'm sure it won't be easy but you'll get through it
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