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Palmer House - Chicago Wedding Venue
If you don't find this picture absolutely alluring for a wedding ceremony, then we need to talk...over a big glass of wine. One of Chicago's most magnificent wedding venues is the Palmer House. This is pretty much the grand of the grand south of Wacker.
What a grand aisle to walk down!
Here are a couple more photos of a reception at the Palmer House.
Can you envision getting married and celebrating here?
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@marshalledgar those flowers are lit with pin spots. Lighting is crucial to any wedding or event.
3 years ago·Reply
OMG! This is really spectacular @NixonWoman
3 years ago·Reply
The crystal beaded vases with flowers are gorgeous
3 years ago·Reply
They really are @darcysdiary. That's a good tip @nixonwoman.
3 years ago·Reply
This takes my breath away. If I was getting married and walked down an aisle like this, I would be overwhelmed!
3 years ago·Reply