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Got some super butter Otang Stims, and i love them. But, my wheels dont freespin, like at all. In fact, if i put my board on a slope, it doesnt roll down. When i spin it with my hand, it feels like it has little notches as a spin. Whats wrong? And yes, i got a spacer and speed rings.
Buy better stuff or take care of your garbage, simple bro. Dont ask silly freaking questions! We aren't there an Ima assume you got two eyes n hands! Get in there learn your parts an figure it out!
Dude where the hell did you get this janky setup?! Seems like something goes wrong with it every other day!
Just clean the bearings, lube them up and make sure you don't tighten the nut too much.. That's what I'd do:P
Possible problems: 1. May be too tight 2. Dead bearing aka rusted 3. Dirty Sotution take em out and clean to clean, and add lube. If they continue to not work they're dead. Then proceed to but new bearings.
Clean them and if they still don't roll good this is what I recommend. Step 1: build a fire. Step 2: proceed to throw bearings in fire. Step 3: Enjoy the warmth coming off the fire knowing those shitty bearings will be gone forever. I recommend getting built-in bearings such as zealous or seismics. That way you can tighten them down as much a you please. With an added bonus of less slop from internal spacers. It's pretty cool they also realign.
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