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Wheel TOO tight?
Got some super butter Otang Stims, and i love them. But, my wheels dont freespin, like at all. In fact, if i put my board on a slope, it doesnt roll down. When i spin it with my hand, it feels like it has little notches as a spin. Whats wrong? And yes, i got a spacer and speed rings.
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Everyone says CRANK so i CRANK lol, is there a too tight to crank? @JaydenWashabaug
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@IsaacPaulR yeap yeap! You're gonna one appreciate your stuff more and two probably be a better skater if you get in there an look n learn. Fourish years ago when I really got into skating again I didn't know anything about nothing. An theres only one way to learn anything.
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@ShelbySmith just some good all around wheels, that's why most people buy them. That and it's what comes on a lot of decks.
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Yes haha @IsaacPaulR
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Just clean the bearings, lube them up and make sure you don't tighten the nut too much.. That's what I'd do:P
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