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This might be a bit TMI, but I've found that when I hike (even though I'm relatively fit...still a bit overweight but fit)...well when I hike I just sweat like crazy. I don't have trouble getting through the hike, but I am sweating like crazy.
If I were to lose a little weight, would that get better? Does anyone know if a lower weight might help sweating improve?
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There's no practical way for us to tell how you'll react when you lose weight. Some people sweat more than others. I've seen rail thin long distance runners who sweat buckets at the drop of a hat. I've seen overweight people who manage to keep their tech shirt dry! Just go with it.
Everybody sweats!!!
@happyrock It's been a recent development, which is why I think it's more than just everyone sweats!
@yakwithalan Just go check with a doctor, to be safe! :)
@happyrock Seems I"m good to go! Minor chemical imbalance corrected with some dieting and extra water....seems to be better now!