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With dreamy cocktails in one hand--and invariably using the other hand to talk with--it's always fun to see who's who that appear in the society pages. One thing tends to stay the same, even if the people come and go, it's the venues. You'll notice there's just a handful of hot spots that are the go-to places to see and be seen.
If you want that kind of vibe for your rehearsal dinner then you absolutely must make Nellcote your destination.
To mention that Nellcote is award-winning, isn't saying enough. They are featured time and again in media. Mixologist, Melissa Pinkerton's, Dead Flowers cocktail has been trending since last Spring. Nothing is random at Nellcote. From Chef Jared Van Camp's obsessively particular menu offerings to the combination of raw concrete and crystal chandeliers, everything has a purpose, which is steeped in Rolling Stones history.
Give me one good reason why you would not truly consider Nellcote for your rehearsal dinner? Tell me.
I want to go here and I'm not even getting married
I think i'd rather a small gathering at a local place. Depends on budget though.
Alright @beywatch. You're exempt. Where are you? I'm in Miami.
I think the only argument I'd be able to have against it is I'm nowhere near Chicago. :( But that IS a gorgeous interior. I love the high drama of those black and crystal chandeliers!
Looks like a posh place.
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