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Just because you're wedding is the main event doesn't mean your rehearsal dinner has to be a non-event. Remember, when you have out-of-town guests, it's always a good idea to invite them out to the rehearsal dinner also. Some of you are rolling your eyes at that, but it's true.
If you want to relax and have a really great time with your closest friends, family and those who traveled for your wedding then Carnivale in Chicago's Westside Loop would be ideal. Everything about this place is festive and fun. Between the drinks, food, and atmosphere, I defy you to have a miserable time.
What type of rehearsal dinner would you like to have?
i could see myself going here
I think I would have A LOT of FUN at this place. Gotta show my mom this place!!!
The rehearsal dinner is when you want to unwind and relax or just have fun before the actual wedding. Who wants a boring dinner when you can have cocktails all night with your friends at a place like Carnivale?! I love the colors here too @beywatch
I LOVE the colors of this venue! Whoever designed this place certainly isn't shy.
@noonmarez I think it just comes down to how big you want it. I don't think a huge population of brides go this grand for rehearsal dinners. If you have the resources and the desire, then it would be fine. Just depends. :) :)
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