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Look how cute these chalkboard drink coasters are that I found at LivingWellSpendingLess.com! Using just a handful of items you can create these also and have just as much fun making them as using them. This would be a cute keepsake too!
Plain 4×4″ tiles

Chalkboard paint
Paint brushes
Tacky glue (or hot glue)

1. Paint the front of the tiles with chalkboard paint. Let dry until you have used three coats. 2. Let tiles sit over night (or 24 hours) for dry paint to set. 3. "Season" the chalkboard surface by using the long side of chalk and covering the entire surface with chalk. This technique will prevent permanent chalk marks in the future.

4. Erase the chalk from the surface.
5. If you want to jazz it up with some buttons, do so by gluing them into each corner of the tiles. If using tacky glue, then let the buttons dry and rest 24 hours. Hot glue is much quicker.

6. Cut out felt the same size as the bottom of the tile and glue in place.
Ruth's Blog Tip

You know they are dry when no condensation forms on the tiles when you stack them.
Have you ever done a chalkboard project before?

Was it a chalkboard too? @beywatch Sounds like a lot of fun.
One time I painted a giant mural of a sea monster on one of the walls in my sister's apartment with a giant cartoonish speech bubble coming out of his mouth. It was fun because we could always change what he was saying depending on what kind of party we were throwing at the house. Like "Happy Birthday!" for birthday parties or "BRrAaaAaaiiNnNnNSs!!" on Halloween!