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I'd never heard of the Wind River High Route until I came across this blog post which details why Don and Alan created this route, and just how to follow it! There are so many places where I'd love to hike, particularly to see the alpine scenery, but I never thought of myself as technically skilled enough to be able to take this opportunity.
The Wind River High Route changes that! Not only does it take you along the Wind River ridge at as high an altitude as possible, it also crosses the Continental Divide four times, giving you some amazing sites all the way! The trail sometimes follows the Highline Trail, but many times heads off-trail to stay higher and closer to the Continental Divide for even better high, glacial terrain.
That being said, it still requires a lot of knowledge: you have to be comfortable hiking off trail to be able to do this hike. There are portions where you are on-trail or on use trails, but there is a lot of navigation, map reading, etc that you need to be comfortable with: no GPS point and go over here! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for this feat, but I know I want to try. How about you?

Check out some amazing shots from Alan & Don's trip along the WRHR!

If you want details about the exact route, it's best to go to Don & Alan's blog post and read the whole thing, I mean, who better to teach you than the guys that created the route? If you're curious for the time being, check out the full mapset here and the text only route description here!
I don't think I have the skills to attempt something like this quite yet, but it's definitely a goal I can reach for!!
@happyrock @yakwithalan I think it's ok, too. Especially considering much of this trail is using established trails. And these guys seem very well educated about LNT, and mention in the blog post to be careful about those thigns....anyways I'll make a card tomorrow about LNT off trail!!!
@yakwithalan @treedweller Well, in my opinion, they were practicing pretty low impact techniques, and seem to have a really high regard for the environment. Also, they ultimately want people to follow their paths, not to just go anywhere. They are following bits and pieces of already established trails with only a bit of off trail hiking!
Really, really cool trail. I didn't know people just went out and made their own trail! Is this an issue as far as trespassing or wearing down land where there isn't a trail already made? Off-trail is out of LNT rules, no? @treedweller, what do you think?