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How marvelous is this white kitchen wall update?! I found this on a blog called UnderTheSycamore, which is a really incredible resource for DIY projects galore. I am in love with this festive red color called "Salsa."
This is what it looked like before. Plain white with tons of possibility. With a little creativity you can do just about anything you'd like. Chalkboarding an entire wall in such a bright and vivid color seems like the perfect thing to do. And you can do it too.
All you need to do is get some Benjamin Moore chalkboard latex paint that can be tinted to just about any color you choose. The chalky haze of using chalk on a board will make any color you choose to be softer than the color you pick. So, if you are looking for a pastel wall color, go brighter--about 2 shades--so that the color doesn't get lost after all the chalk is used on the wall.
Roll the paint onto a clean wall or surface and let dry, applying 3 coats. Wait about 24 hours after the final coat has dried and set.
Next, drag the long side of chalk across the entire painted surface to season it. This process will prevent permanent chalk marks on the wall.
Where would you like to do this in your home or office?
Neither did I until I saw the product listed by Sherman Williams. There may be others that make ti too. Not sure.
I've never seen tinted chalkboard paint before! What a neat product.