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While I think my collection of John Muir nature quotes is reaching it's end soon (sorry!!) I thought it'd be fun if we all take a little test to see how "John Muir" we are. Are you as much of a nature lover as Muir? Find out below!!!

The Muir Checklist

(add up your total number of points!) You... __are self-taught. __are an inventor. __are consumed with an interest in botany. __have published your own book __have hiked the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
__prefer hands-on learning.
__have been to Yosemite National Park.
__are Scottish.
__write articles on nature or other environmental topics.
__have three siblings.
__enjoy mountain climbing.
__have floated down the Sacramento River.
__consider yourself an adventurer.
__are a lecturer or have spoken in a guest lecture series.
__are married.
__are a rancher or fruit farmer.
__are the recipient of an honorary degree.
__have traveled to Alaska.
__consider yourself a poet.
__have a beard.
__have walked across America.
__have something that has been named after you.
__have traveled to other countries.
__love the Sierra Club.
__prefer hiking with a minimal amount of supplies.


Now it's time to tally up your score and find out just how Muir you are!

If you checked:

Between 1 and 10 items:
You may not have such a wide variety of qualities under your belt, but you've still got some key things in common with the Sierra Club's founder! Sure you may not have walked across America quite yet, but what's stopping you? Now's the time to take a page out of Muir's book and sign up for an adventure. At the very least, you'll make some great memories, see some interesting places, and make new friends along the way.
Between 11 and 19 items:
You are well on your way to being just as eclectic as Mr. Muir! Take a look at some of the things that you didn't get checked off the list. Do any of them sound appealing to you? Well, then, perhaps it's time to use some of his experiences to inspire some of your own. Anyone has the potential to be a citizen of the universe; just let your love for nature guide you and keep going after what makes you awesome and unique.
Between 20 and 25 items:
You could be John Muir's twin! That's right, my friend, you have so much in common with the wilderness prophet you could be two peas in a pod. Whether it's hiking, writing, educating, or generally just reveling in the wonders of the natural world, you are an adventurer at heart. Now get out there and share your passion with friends, family, and anyone else who will listen.
I'm on my ay!
@yakwithalan @treedweller Woo-hoo! Me too!!!! @happyrock LOL can't help that one, I guess~
My love of nature will continue to guide me....I"m almost there.
Shame I'm getting penalized for not having sisters or being from Scotland :P
I'm on my way!!! I think he's a great guy to be inspired by. Cool quiz @fallingwater