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What's not to love about a short hair updo that's beautiful and elegant! Not that I have short hair but I'm saving this for when I do get a haircut. Great for work and play! Instructions are listed below adapted from Anne Sage.
Grab a section from the top third of your hair and divide into two sections.
Twist them around each other then tease the twist with a comb.
Tuck it under itself to create the appearance of a twisted knot, then secure with a bobby pin and spray in place.
Repeat the same process with the second and third section. Pull a few pieces loose to soften the style, spray one more time, and voila!
Simple and easy! If you have short hair, give it a try!
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It's a true effortless style! However, I'm afraid the bobby pins won't hold it up. I have semi-thick hair.
3 years ago·Reply
this is awesome I need to learn this by heart....Yay new hair style..... yay
3 years ago·Reply
The beauty of bobby pins!
3 years ago·Reply
OMG! I love it!!!
3 years ago·Reply
how to curle short hair??
3 years ago·Reply