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Easter Eggs, Tattoos, and LEGOs

Tattooing eggs for Easter has to be one of the most fun and creative things you can DIY for the Spring! I found this super easy tutorial on ItsAlwaysAutumn.com where Autumn shares her method for using tattoo paper to transfer graphics onto eggs for Easter. How cute are these?!
Hard boiled eggs cooled to room temperature
Tattoo paper
Damp cloth
1. Find images to print.
2. Print images onto the tattoo paper.
3. Trim around your design, leaving a small border around it as shown.

4. Peel off the clear plastic portion. As you peel, you should see adhesive on your printed design.
5. Place the design where you want it on your egg.
6. Cover the tattoo with a damp cloth, gently pressing down to form the tattoo paper to the curve of the egg. Wait 10-15 seconds.
7. Carefully remove the paper, leaving your design on the egg.

Autumn's Tips
* Do not use cold eggs; room temperature is best.
* Use large eggs as this will make for a flatter, less round surface.
* Don't slide the design around when applying the damp cloth.
* All designs are reversed onto the eggs. Flip images before printing if need be.
* Don't freak out about buckled edges because the egg is not a flat surface.
THIS IS SO CUTE. Eggrything is aweosme!!!
super creative idea
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