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I am proud of my pretty vast knowledge of '90s-'00s pop, so when I saw a post claiming they had found 5 videos I had never seen before I immediately opened the link to prove them wrong.
Turns out, they got me. I hadn't seen 2 of these (don't worry N Sync and Britney, I had already freaked out about your vids way back in the day)
How many had you guys already seen?

Britney Spears - Born to Make You Happy

This often forgotten (awesome!) single comes straight from the album that started it all: …Baby One More Time. If you’ve never seen the Wade Robson-choreographed music video before, don't give yourself too much of a hard time. It was released as a single outside of the U.S. So, if you lived in the U.S. in 1999, this song was just a hidden …Baby One More Time gem.

N Sync - I Want You Back

Okay here's the sitch - the boys are trapped in a space station, in inexplicably tiny shirts and very large pants. They are moody and dancing and just generally everything you could ever ask for out of of 90s band. This version of the music video was released in Europe and is waaaaaaay better than the one that was released in the U.S.

Backstreet Boys - Anywhere for You

First question: What haven't I seen this before? Second question: Why are they wearing those giant suits to the beach?!
There are middle parts, goggles, and Nick Carter hitting an angelic (and oh so nasally) high note.

Destiny's Child - With Me

Okay, not to play on the 'Who's Michelle?" jokes, but all I could see in this video was Beyonce's hair (and Kelly's hella cute smile in the beginning - I see you girl!)
We all know the most important part of this video is when Queen Bey turned into a mermaid. Cause what's a 90s video without some kind of supernatural shit going on?

Five - When the Lights Go Out

It's an angry robot boy band! Lots of the "uh huh, yeah, let's go's" throughout to make the perfect 90s jam.
I love M2M toooo
Seen em all. :)
I really hope baggy suits never make a comeback. M2M 4eva!!!
@ArianaVenti OMG. Thanks for giving them a shout out. I love M2M! Im totally humming "Pretty Boy" is tuning in my head.
Just going to give M2M a shout out for being the best under appreciated 90s girl group out there what WHAT.
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