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Hear that? As long as it is legal, Ben & Jerry's founders would consider making cannabis-infused ice cream.
Even though one of the founders Jerry Greenfield wasn't completely sold on the idea, he did say that Ben Cohen and himself had "previous experience" with substances. Uh-huh. Yeah. We get you.
But, in reality, they're not even in charge of Ben & Jerry's anymore (they sold the company back in 2000). While they're active in the company, it's only in name. They're pretty much only there to try and maintain the illusion that it's still a hippy-dippy, super-trippy company churning-out a quality product.
Either way, it turns out there is a creamery in California that makes cannabis ice cream for medical prescription holders, and if legalization continues at the rate it is now, it's likely that we will see this creation from some company in the future! So get ready to get the munchies!
If I invented it, I think I'd name it Reefer Mocha Madness. Any of you have name ideas for this marijuana ice cream possibility?
Lol too bad they have 0 control over if this actually happens or not....
It's only a matter of time until a lot of foods flavored this way come around, I think. . .
Does cannabis-infused food actually result in the effects of marijuana?