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Bow legs is a condition where the legs are curve out leaving a gap between the knees. Here's a test: try standing up, if your legs do not touch you have bow legs. Those who have bow legs usually avoid wearing mini shorts and skirts because it accentuates the "crooked" legs. Some people have more severe condition where the gap creates an O-shape.
Why does this happen? Lifestyle such as posture, how you walk and how you sit might be a factor. In addition, I heard balancing is also the culprit because if you have bowlegs or your pelvis is distorted, your balance is spread outside.
So, if you correct your posture you'll have straight legs? It's not as easy as it seem. Why else would people go through leg surgery to correct their bow legs? It takes a lot to break a habit.
However, if you don't have severe bow legs you might want to give this trick a try - walk backwards in a straight line. View the video below for demonstration and explanation. Note: It's in Japanese but it has English subtitles!
So, what do you think? Too good to be true?
Wouldn't it mess up the moment you start walking forward again? (I'm dying at their reaction at the 0:13 second mark btw.)
LOL. You don't know how many times I rewind that part.
I never really pay attention to how legs look on people but after reading this I can't help but take notice of people's legs!