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Silverdrop, the creator of this video, will try to tell you they're new to this art (making cosplay music videos) but I don't think it shows at all!
Rather, I think it makes their videos so much more fresh than the other cosplay music videos. So many CMVs end up falling into the same style, doing the same kind of shots over and over again, and even having the same music. Not only that, but ending on a fabulous shot of a fabulous Yuna cosplayer was a really, really smart choice. *silent applause*
Watch this awesome video for a new take on that, and check out Silverdrop's other work!
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I wanna cosplay Yuna too :( :( :(
@timeturnerjones I know right! That's why Katsucon's so amazing. The cosplayers just blow you away at that con, there's so many of them and such quality!
So many beautiful cosplayers!!! How is it that I never see a cosplayer and think they're not?? People skills are just too out of this world sigh I need to practice
@Spudsy2061 Ah, ok!! Looks like I gotta find a way to get to Katsu next year :) It's always a questionable one for me. Otakon is more of a solid one.
@somnia Just do it!!!! THe number of times you've told me that is seriously too high you gotta just go for it~ What's stopping you??
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