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I am not a huge fan of the latest Marvel movies, because they have become a bit too predictable. I like the dark aspect that they have taken, but they are now doing it with no plot. It has no substance. I worry that the new Avengers Movie will do the same. Now with this new Avengers trailer, I worry even more.
I have been a huge fan of Iron Man since I was a kid. But in recent movies, he has become my favorite character to hate. He embodies everything that is wrong with the Marvel perspective. He doesn't stand for anything... I hope that the new Avengers movie changes that, but even in this trailer there is no sense of story, there is no sense of ordeal from any of the characters, even Iron Man! So, then the major question is "is it just me?" How good do you think that the new Avengers movie will be?
@beywatch Yeah like, why watch it at that point?
@timeturnerjones I thought so too. And I HATE trailers like that!
@beywatch Ouchhhh burnnn sorry Michael Bay lol. But seriously....its kind of just....the whoel story in a trailer or two so far.
Yeah, I agree. You can pretty much tell the entire story at this point. Also, lol @ all the explosions. It's like I had to go double-check and make sure this wasn't directed by Michael Bay.