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I saw a lot of people sharing this recently, and I couldn't see what the big deal was about two dancing skeletons. But then I watched it. Then I got it.
While many people think they are unprejudiced (myself included) without even knowing it a lot of us make snap judgements instantly the second we see somebody. Whether it’s gender, race, age, disability, or religion these subconscious biases affect us all.
The world is full of diversity and we need to embrace our differences. This video proves that regardless of anyone's beliefs, background, age, or gender, if we could all just stop the hating and start loving, this world would be a much more magical place. Enjoy this eye-opening video.
Right on. We need to be without labels to just love everyone as they are!!!
@orenshani7 I was thinking the same thing haha!!! But also decided that you know, it's beautiful anyways. I especially loved the cute little kids just hanging out. It was great to see this didnt' touch on just romantic love, but friend and family love, too....we can all love each other, if we only choose to do so.
Many people I know try to label me. Sometimes it made me feel uncomfortable.
I loved it very much. However, I know it is completely besides the point, but I feel obligated to point out that human male and female skeletons are distinguishable by the structure of the pelvis bones.
THIS IS SO CUTE. Every reveal made me so happy! Especially those two little sisters in the Love Has No Disability part.