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That's the question on everybody's mind when the ceremony's over. If you want to make the process more thematic and personal, then use your imagination to come up with fun ways of conveying information as mundane as seating assignments.
These are a collection of ideas that I found online. I used to be anti seating charts but that was before I had been to a wedding. Now, I am all for assigned seating. Just a personal preference.
Crafty Romance
Post-Modern Hipster
Yester-Year Eccentric
Carnivale Whimsy
Bespoke Hipster
With so many ways to get the message across, don't be afraid to follow your theme. Just remember, it's easiest to find names that are listed alphabetically by surname, followed by the appropriate seating information.
Please comment below to share what you plan to do for seating charts for your wedding guests.
I am really in love with the chalkboard idea. I have chalkboard ideas that I have begun posting in DIY, maybe that's why I love it. LOL <3
That last one was really whimsical and romantic
I like that too